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FAQ FOR RC Electric Skateboard

FAQ FOR WaterSkipper

FAQ FOR Sea Scooter

1.What is a WaterSkipper?
The WaterSkipper is a Human Powered Hydrofoil. It also can be called a HPV (Human Powered Vehicle).   

2.What is a Hydrofoil?
Hydro means water and foil means wing. So Hydrofoils are vehicles using a wing underwater to keep the main body out of the water and travel with extremely low resistance. Other popular examples are common Hydrofoil boots or the Airchair!

3.How does the WaterSkipper work?
Speed and the wing together produce lift, which keeps you out of the water. That is the same with all Hydrofoils. But with the WaterSkipper you can gain or at least keep speed by some kind of hopping on the vehicle. And you need that speed as you should not get slower than about 8 km/h or you will get wet! Steering is similar to bicycle, as you just turn the bar for turns. But different from bicycles you keep the balance in another way as you dont lean into the turn. 
4.Where can it be started?
You normally need a jetty or bigger boot. Starting from the beach needs some practice. The main goal of every start is to reach at least minimum speed so lift is produced!   

5.How can the WaterSkipper be transported?
The WaterSkipper can very easy also be transported in even small cars. The whole body of the WaterSkipper can be stored in the trunk, only the main wing will be placed between the seats. This way you still can use all four main seats!   

6.Who designed the WaterSkipper?
As far as I know a Chinese American designed the WaterSkipper. The WaterSkipper also is produced in China .   

7.Is it possible to start the WaterSkipper from the water?
No! But we are plans on building extra equipment witch makes the WaterSkipper float totally. 
8.How far can you go?
There are no real records no or anything like that. I guess its going to be a little bit better than with the trampofoil. So this summer we will see the first competitive marks. Wonder when there will be WaterSkipper Races!   

9.Can I do waves?
Yes you can!And it shall also work quiet well, but for sure you need some surfing knowledge! Facts!
The main wing is 2,44m and? about 12kg. The body mainly is made from aircraft-aluminum. Max speed is about 27 km/h or 16 mph. Min speed is about 10 km/h or 6 mph
We warrant the WaterSkipper shall be free from defects in material or workmanship for 90 days from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to any product that had been subject to misuse, abuse or negligence. Defects caused by tampering, alterations and / or repairs are not covered by this warranty.


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